What is a Game Jam?


The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations and this January 2018 Sofia will be a part of this international community for 5 years in a row. We are inviting you to join forces with us and become part of the making-of-this-creative-space-happen.

GGJ is one of the fastest growing game creating events in the world and the number of participants in 2016 grew to over 630 sites in 93 countries with over 30,000 jammers. Sofia Game Jam is not a competition, rather a way to stimulate innovation, experimentation, and collaboration in games for the local community. The ultimate goal is to provide space where everyone is free to experiment with game mechanics, explore their imagination and try out new ideas.

What happens during Sofia Game Jam?


The idea behind the event is to get together a mix of people with different backgrounds, interests and skills, and motivate them to work together on an idea – to plan and execute the concept in 48 hours. Just for the sake of the challenge! A Game Jam can be challenging and hard work but most of all – great fun. Making games with other people is even more exhilarating!

Are you ready to join us on 26-27-28 January?


Please note that tickets won’t be sold at the door and you need to be 18+ to participate. ID will be asked for at check-in.
The schedule below is subject to some changes.



  1. 25.January 2018

    SGJ Kick-Off Party @ Cush.BAR
    Start: 19:00
    Finish: 22:00

    Come join us at **Cush.BAR to share ideas and grab some beers. We've also invited Dimitar Simidchiev from Ubisoft Sofia to present something special for our participants in the Game Jam.
    In his short talk "Talking About Your Design" he's going to go over some basic principles to help you communicate your ideas clearly and in an engaging and memorable way. From formulating your idea, through structuring your talk and, ultimately, delivering it – we are going to touch upon a few key points in each of these stages.
    *Entrance is free
    **Cush.BAR is located at Ekzarh Yosif 37, in Dom na kinoto (Дом на киното)

  2. 26.January 2018

    Registration time!
    Start: 12:00
    Finish: 17:00

    *Please, note that tickets won't be sold at the door!

    Start: 13:15
    Finish: 13:30

    Hosted by Ilia "Soregashi" Temelkov

    Encho Enchev – “Facing the challenge”
    Start: 13:30
    Finish: 14:00

    The focus of the presentation will be on the problem-solving challenges we face during the production period of our project – what are the important and critical steps that we should pay attention to, and what to do in order to achieve our goals. Based on his experience, Encho will share a lot of tips & tricks how to successfully manage our tasks as 3D artists and will show many examples from his work as a Senior 3D Artist at Ubisoft Sofia, and from his personal work.

    Gil Canizes – “The Rediscovering of Knowing Nothing”
    Start: 14:00
    Finish: 14:30

    Gil Canizes wanted to be a game programmer since he was a child. To achieve his goal he went to university and created his own indie game company where they developed a game engine of their own. Currently, he is a Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft. At Sofia Game Jam 2018, Gil will share a practical summary with all of the ups and downs of the journey he took until he has become a professional game programmer, conveying some tips that can help other developers achieve the same goal.

    Coffee break
    Start: 14:30
    Finish: 15:00

    Ines di Loreto – “Designing games for change”
    Start: 15:00
    Finish: 15:30

    Ines Di Loreto is Associate Professor in Computer Science at UTT-Université de Technologie de Troyes (France) where she teaches software engineering applied to games. As a researcher, she works with social applications for social change (i.e., the use of ICT to have a real impact in our society) and in particular with games as means to promote social change.

    Aurore Huitorel – “Gamification”
    Start: 15:30
    Finish: 16:00

    Aurore will talk about gamification of recruitment with "Pole Emploi France", gamification of Paris museums with the Ministry of Culture, and gamification of an entire city for e-tourism and the pedagogical valorisation of the daily heritage for the inhabitants themselves.

    Cofee Break
    Start: 16:00
    Finish: 16:30

    Tomasz Kozera – “Finding Unexpected Gameplay”
    Start: 16:30
    Finish: 17:00

    Based on his experience Tomasz will show how you can find interesting gameplay in unexpected ways. He will touch on how talking to other devs and testing system limits might lead to great features and improvements in gameplay.
    Tomasz Kozera is a game designer at 11 Bit Studios in Warsaw, Poland.

    Jan Buczny – “7 reasons why? Inspiration”
    Start: 17:00
    Finish: 17:30

    Jan Buczny is an artist at 11 Bit Studios in Warsaw, Poland.

    Start: 17:30
    Finish: 17:45

    Global Game Jam Official Keynote
    Start: 17:45
    Finish: 18:15

    Team Forming
    Start: 18:15
    Finish: 19:15

    The social "get-to-know-each-other"

    THEME announcement
    Start: 19:15
    Finish: 19:20

    Dinner and work starts
    Start: 19:30
    Finish: 20:00

  3. 27.January 2018

    Day for work
    Start: 00:01
    Finish: 23:59

    Stay all day to work with us if you want to.

  4. 28.January 2018

    Day for work
    Start: 00:01
    Finish: 14:00

    Stay to work with us until 14:00 if you want to.

    Game delivery
    Start: 14:00
    Finish: 15:00

    Start: 16:00
    Finish: 18:00

    Voting for best game
    Start: 18:00
    Finish: 18:30

    Awards and after-jam drinks
    Start: 19:30
    Finish: 21:30




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